Our experienced team conduct a high level of proficiency and practice in all aspects regarding Property Law.



Central Coast Conveyancing Lawyers

Conveyancing is a complex area of law that is commonly known as the buying and selling of Property. At Felicio Law Firm, we conduct a high level of proficiency and practice in all aspects regarding Property Law, and it is our fundamental focus to protect every client’s interest in our property process.

Over the years, Property Law has had countless changes and due to this, we will provide you with the utmost relevant information and regulations relating to any of your Property requests. Our Central Coast business initiative known as Conveyancing@ERINA was created to serve a strong need in the market for modernized, cost-efficient conveyancing. Further information about this can be found at our website: conveyancingaterina.com.au

For our Conveyancing Services, we offer a ‘Fixed Fee- No Ifs or Buts’ pricing structure to ensure a concise understanding of the total cost in completing a property transaction, however different fees apply depending on each property type.

Our team deals with residential, rural, commercial, strata and industrial property and undoubtedly understand the procedure from contract to settlement. Further considerations may include the discharging of a mortgage, requiring an inspection report and looking for refinance. For each matter at Felicio Law Firm, our Solicitor oversees all in order to reassure your interests are prioritised.

We provide guidance in the following areas of property:

How We Help You With Conveyancing

We offer a ‘Fixed Fee – No Ifs or Buts’.

  • Preparation of contracts for sale
  • Reviewing contracts
  • Contract negotiations
  • Preparing Sale of Business Contracts
  • Commercial & Retail Leases
  • Auction enquiries
  • Assistance with finance
  • Assistance for first home owners & the First Home Owners Grant
  • Advice on loan and mortgage documents
  • Property developments and subdivisions

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