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Central Coast Lawyers at Felicio Law Firm

Areas of Practice

We are here to help you, your family and your business.

Get Professional Advice for Your Legal Matter

We understand how difficult it may be to find a lawyer who you can trust. Our Central Coast lawyers at Felicio Law Firm are experts in a diverse range of legal practice areas. We are dedicated to ensuring that the people of the Central Coast have easy access to high-quality, cost-effective, and practical legal counsel.

We make sure that every client benefits from our expertise, and we strive to achieve great results by combining our experience, vision, and commitment to innovative legal service delivery.

Our Central Coast lawyers primarily advise and practice in the following areas of law:

Family law

As family law experts on the Central Coast, we understand this complex area of the law very well. We have extensive knowledge in property, financial and parenting matters that derive from a family law dispute. We attempt to resolve your matters via negotiation and mediation whenever possible.

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Estate planning

For peace of mind and confidence about what happens to your assets upon your passing. Our Central Coast estate planning lawyers can help you construct an estate plan to ensure your hard-earned assets go exactly where they are supposed to and minimise the risk of any potential estate litigation.

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Business law

We have extensive industry knowledge and provide practical legal solutions to individuals, small businesses, and SMEs in contracts, structures, succession and asset protection, franchising, disputes, and litigation.

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Interested in buying or selling a property? Felicio Law Firm has the legal know-how to walk you through the conveyancing procedures and keep you updated at all times.

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Debt recovery

Our Central Coast lawyers are knowledgeable about the legal working methods in debt recovery. We can assist you at any point in the process, whether drafting an effective letter of demand or pursuing the case in court.

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Criminal law

If you face a criminal offence or need an urgent bail application, you will need professional legal advice and representation. Contact us immediately for matters related to criminal law.

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Lawyers in Erina, Central Coast That Fight for You

Felicio Law Firm is renowned for its provision of high quality legal services. No matter how simple or complicated your legal matter is, you can count on Felicio Law Firm to assist.

Our approach is to be compassionate, professional, and always dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible outcome.

Why Choose Felicio Law Firm?

We are pleased to announce that Ceu (aka Sky) Felicio was nominated in the 2011 Central Coast Women in Business Awards for the category of Women in Professional Services.

Our Firm

Felicio Law Firm is a legal firm situated on the Central Coast in Erina, New South Wales, Australia. The firm is headed by owner and solicitor Céu (Sky) Felicio who graduated in 1986. Céu worked in banking for two years before coming to the Central Coast in 1988, to work in the private sector and established as sole practitioner in 1992.

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Our Team

At Felicio Law Firm we pride ourselves on delivering a professional and personalised service to our clients. Your experience and relationship with our firm is paramount. Our mantra is “Fostering relationships for a lifetime”. We value our clients and this is reflected in the many longstanding relationships we have established with our clients over the years.

We deliver expertise in a broad range of legal areas in a diligent and collaborative manner.

We have a diverse, motivated and highly skilled team who are experienced in distinct roles and collectively form a common focus for each client’s requirements. We strive to work effectively and efficiently for the best possible outcome for our clients.

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Contact Felicio Law Firm for High-Value Service

Located on the Central Coast of NSW, Felicio Law Firm provides high-value, personalised service and competent legal representation to our clients, with an emphasis on family law, estate planning, business law, conveyancing, debt recovery and criminal law cases.

Our Central Coast lawyers offer excellent legal advice, practical solutions, and strong representation to guarantee that your legal matter is resolved quickly, professionally, and affordably.

Contact the law firm trusted by Central Coast locals for years if you require expert legal advice and representation.

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can help you, your family or your business.

Meet our Team

Our friendly team at Felicio Law Firm are here to help you.

Our Principles & Values

Navigating life’s issues can be difficult. Felicio Law Firm makes a promise to our clients to help protect you, your family or business so you can grow and succeed.

Central Coast Lawyers

At Felicio Law Firm, we provide fixed fee pricing on a range of legal services.

Central Coast LawyersWhere this is not possible, we provide costs estimates for the work we will undertake for you.

Central Coast LawyersOur cost projection estimates then permits you to budget appropriately for all your legal needs and advice.

Central Coast LawyersOur highly skilled team are experienced in distinct roles, however collectively form a common focus for each client’s wishes

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