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We can help you recover a debt you are owed arising from services or materials provided by you or monies lent to someone else.



Central Coast Debt Recovery Lawyers

Debt recovery is dealt with through the Court system. In NSW the amount of monies owed will determine the Court in which you need to commence proceedings. The Local Court determines matters up to $100,000. It has two divisions: the Small Claims Division which hears claims up to $10,000, and the General Division which hears claims over $10,000 but only up to $100,000. The District Court can determine debt recovery matters up to $750,000. Higher amounts are determined in the Supreme Court.

We may be able to file a claim online on your behalf depending on the Court.

We do not recommend you commence any Court proceedings without consulting a lawyer who will assist you to determine if you have a reasonable case. This is because if you are unsuccessful, you may have to pay the costs of the other party.

If you are owed money by a company and it is greater than $2,000 you can bypass the Court system and serve a creditor’s statutory demand.  This is usually a very effective way of recovering a debt but documents need to drafted carefully as there are strict legal requirements about the type of information to be included and manner of service on the company debtor.

Bankruptcy and Insolvency

We can assist businesses and individuals facing bankruptcy or liquidation achieve the best possible outcomes.

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