FLF_EmailSig_Logo 30%1/. Case article in the Newcastle Herald on 19 April 2011.

2/. Case decision as reported.

3/. Recently reported as a case precedent August 2014. Defacto relationship agreement was managed by the Family Court under the Succession Act 2006. Client successfully challenged the will of her deceased partner.

4/. Elderly client successfully appeals a bond agreement with local nursing home. The client signed the agreement, requiring a significant lump sum to be paid by a due date. Without legal advocacy or financial advice the client intended to sell her home to pay the accommodation bond, despite having full concessional status granted. Upon reflection the client was not able to sell her home and appealed for a reduction in the amount of the bond, to ensure her frail husband could remain in the nursing home. The operator agreed to reduce the bond following our legal intervention.