Client – Solicitor Relationship

It is important that we establish a good client – solicitor relationship with you.  This firm aims to give you, the client, the best service we possibly can.  If you are happy with our services, we are confident our relationship will continue to provide opportunities for both of us to grow.

We cannot act for you without your specific instructions on certain issues.  Therefore, to help us look after you most effectively you need to:-

  •  Give us clear and full instructions about what you want us to do for you
  •  Tell us if you have important time limits
  •  Tell us if you are unclear about any aspects of our work or anything we have told you
  •  Tell us promptly if any important questions or issues arise
  •  Make sure that you understand the likely fees and disbursements involved in your matter
  • Some hints to minimise your costs we suggest: limiting your telephone calls, limiting your consultations, keeping a diary of important events/dates and notating your questions prior to a telephone enquiry or consultation
  • Keep a copy of all your documents to reduce the cost of making duplicates

To foster this relationship our aim is to:

  •     Serve the client’s interests competently
  •    Communicate clearly with our clients
  •    Promote mutual respect between the solicitor and client
  •    Act fairly, honestly, and diligently in all proceedings
  •    Work with our colleagues to uphold the integrity of the profession and honourable principles
  •    Develop and maintain excellent professional skills
  •    Act frankly and fairly in all dealings with the courts
  •    Be trustworthy
  •    Keep the affairs of clients confidential unless otherwise required by law
  •    Avoid any conflict of interest.